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I'm Ron
Day Trip Updates:
UPDATED 02/22/2016
Mosby Museum CLOSES
Red Truck Bakery
District of Columbia
UPDATED 02/22/2016
The Front Porch
I'm Tom
Next Location Under Development:
Alexandria Virginia - the Torpedo Factory & Historic Homes
Our Eclectic Personal Collection of Art from the Torpedo Factory will be Featured
See Examples Below
(Updated April 5, 2016)

Historical Figures, Civil War Involvement, & Museums

Battlefields, Museums, & Historic Homes
African American AND U.S. Civil War
Updated February 21, 2016
Great Book - Review and Video of
Slavery by Another Name:
The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans
from the Civil War To World War II

By Douglas A. Blackmon

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These Are Our Favorite Places

Who Are We?
We are Ron and Tom, two retired residents of Fairlington, an historic district in Arlington and Alexandria, Virginia. The two of us love to make day trips to surrounding towns in quests for historic sites, quality art and antiques, fresh fruit and produce, good food, friendly people, and plants for

What is this Site About?
When we share our day trip experiences with friends and neighbors, they want to know about the places we visit and we always enjoy giving directions, describing the destinations, and many times sharing our experiences, both good and bad, in the towns we visit. Thus, this site was born.

What Do We Like?
It's very simple, really. On a day trip, we like:
  • Historic Sites - especially those with museum homes, civil war battlefields
  • Pleasant drives in the country - we prefer country roads
  • Fresh fruit and garden vegetables that taste the way we remember from our youth
  • Good restaurants with home-style food at reasonable prices
  • Quality art and antiques and collectibles at prices that don't send you to the poor house
  • Great plants that enhance our GARDEN and PATIO (SEE LINK BELOW)

More to Come!!

We are working on more locations for this site and will be constantly updating the information. You can look forward to pages on Alexandria, Arlington, Baltimore, and Richmond - and MORE!.

To Find Your Way There, Use:
Tom's Garden - An Arlington Destination
(Flowers by Tom Corbin
A Fairlington Gardener)

Click Here for Photos of June, 2015
(Posted June 24, 2015)

Tom Corbin and Ron Patterson
Married on May 8, 2015 in Arlington, Virginia
On Left - Carla F. Ward, Officiant

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