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Leesburg, Virginia

Dodona Manor
The George C. Marshall
International Center
Photos Below by Ron Patterson
(Photos of General
With Permission of George C. Marshall Foundation)

Dodona Manor

Dodona Manor, an 1820's Federal house with mid-19th century additions, is situated on 3.8 acres of gardens on the eastern end of Leesburg's Old and Historic District.

Although architecturally significant, the site was designated a National Historic Landmark as the residence of General George C. Marshall from 1941, when he and his wife purchased the property, until his death in 1959.

In 1995, the George C. Marshall International Center purchased the house and the four acres to prevent the sale of the site for development purposes.

During his residency at Dodona Manor, General Marshall served our nation as Chief of Staff of the Army, 1939-45; as Special Envoy to China, 1945-46; as Secretary of State 1947-49; as President of the American Red Cross, 1949-50; and as Secretary of Defense, 1950-51.

General Marshall's career as a military officer spanned 44 years, including distinguished service in two world wars.

General Marshall, as the architect of the European Recovery Plan, known globally as the Marshall Plan, was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1953.

He was described as the "Greatest American of the twentieth century" by both Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill.